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Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that effectively repairs chipped, discoloured, or misshapen teeth, and can also close small gaps between teeth. It involves applying a tooth-coloured resin material to enhance both the appearance and function of the treated teeth, providing a more attractive smile.
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What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding employs composite resin, a material commonly utilized for composite fillings, to sculpt and shape teeth. In cases where teeth are chipped, cracked, or broken, this technique, known as Bonded Restoration, rebuilds the tooth, restoring it to a pristine condition that can endure with proper maintenance. Additionally, dental bonding serves as a versatile cosmetic solution, enabling the alteration of tooth shape, colour correction, and gap closure without the necessity of veneers or orthodontic procedures, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of one’s smile.

Comparing Dental Bonding with Other Alternatives

Various choices exist for teeth restoration or achieving your desired smile, and the ideal choice hinges on your unique requirements. We’re delighted to provide a comprehensive overview of your options, along with their respective advantages and disadvantages, during your appointment, ensuring you can make a well-informed choice. Nevertheless, here are several advantages associated with dental bonding:

Experience Minimal Discomfort

Unlike other dental procedures such as fillings or veneers that often involve drilling and tooth preparation, dental bonding is typically a quick and painless process. It requires minimal, if any, removal of your natural tooth, ensuring a nearly pain-free experience.

Cost-Effective Solution

While comprehensive treatments like dental veneers or orthodontics can come with a higher price tag, dental bonding offers an affordable alternative for minor smile enhancements. Whether you need to address minor imperfections or make subtle changes to a few teeth, dental bonding provides a budget-friendly option.

Ideal for Minor Repairs

For those seeking minor smile improvements, dental bonding is the ideal choice. While more extensive transformations may require treatments like veneers, crowns, or orthodontics, dental bonding excels at addressing small repairs and delivering impressive results.

Experience the Dental Bonding Process: What to Expect

When you choose dental bonding, whether for restorative or cosmetic purposes, you can anticipate a consistent process designed to enhance your smile. Here’s a breakdown of what you can look forward to during your dental bonding appointment:

Tooth Preparation

To begin, we take measures to protect neighboring teeth using a thin plastic film known as a dental matrix. This protective barrier is gently placed between your teeth, safeguarding adjacent teeth from any stray preparation gel or composite resin. Subsequently, our dentist will meticulously clean and dry your tooth, followed by the application of a mild acidic gel for a brief period, creating a rough surface that facilitates secure bonding.

Composite Resin Application

After the removal of the acidic gel and thorough drying, the composite resin is skillfully applied. Our dentist selects a resin shade that harmonizes with your natural teeth, ensuring a seamlessly natural appearance. The composite resin is layered, with each layer being cured using a specialized blue light to achieve maximum strength and durability.

Final Touches

Once your bite is checked for precision, your dental bonding procedure is considered complete. As a finishing step, our dentist gives your tooth a meticulous polish, leaving it beautifully natural-looking. You might even find it challenging to recall which tooth received the treatment. We maintain a record of the procedure in your chart, and during your future examinations, our dentist will pay special attention to the bonded tooth to assess for any signs of wear and tear.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Bonding in Burlington

Dental bonding serves a wide array of dental needs, making it essential to assess your unique requirements and examine your teeth before estimating costs. Generally, dental bonding expenses typically range from $300 to $600 or more per tooth without insurance coverage. Fortunately, many insurance plans cover dental bonding, especially for restoring damaged or broken teeth, which can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses to approximately $60 to $120.

    Several factors influence the cost of your dental bonding treatment, including:
  • Number of Teeth: The more teeth requiring bonding, the greater the overall cost.
  • X-Ray Requirements: If new x-rays are necessary, they may affect the overall cost.
  • Composite Resin Amount: The quantity of composite resin needed for your treatment can influence pricing.
  • Tooth Location: The location of the teeth in need of bonding can impact the cost.
  • Oral Health: Your current oral health condition may factor into the treatment cost.

It’s important to note that precise cost estimates cannot be provided over the phone. Following a comprehensive examination, our dedicated team will gladly offer you an accurate quote in person, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your dental bonding treatment in Burlington.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The longevity of dental bonding varies based on factors such as its specific placement, your dietary choices, and your regular oral care routine. Typically, dental bonding can endure anywhere from 4 to 10 years or even longer. Should your dentist observe signs of wear and tear during routine check-ups, additional layers of composite resin can be applied to reinforce and maintain the durability of your dental bonding.

These two procedures, dental veneers and dental bonding, serve distinct purposes. Dental veneers offer a superior long-term solution and are particularly well-suited for patients seeking substantial or dramatic smile transformations. On the other hand, dental bonding provides a more budget-friendly option with a shorter lifespan, ideal for minor alterations. Moreover, it is less invasive as it involves minimal alteration of the natural tooth structure.

While bonding is not considered a permanent fix, it boasts impressive durability. With proper dental care, a balanced diet, and routine check-ups, dental bonding can endure for over a decade. In cases where wear and tear become noticeable, reinforcing the bonding with extra composite resin is a viable option to maintain its longevity.

Dental bonding typically poses minimal risks to your natural teeth, as the underlying tooth structure remains largely intact beneath the bonding material. While the bonding material itself may experience chipping or breakage over time, it can be easily repaired. It’s worth noting that dental bonding does not respond to teeth whitening treatments, so if you desire a whiter smile, you may consider teeth whitening before bonding or opt for bonding replacement after whitening. For those seeking enhanced durability, alternatives like dental veneers or crowns, which are stronger and more long-lasting, may be worth considering.

Dental insurance plans in Canada may cover dental bonding, especially if it is deemed necessary for oral health reasons. However, coverage can vary, so it’s advisable to check with your insurance provider for specific details.

Dental bonding is a relatively quick procedure and can often be completed in a single visit to the dentist. The exact time may vary depending on the number of teeth being treated.

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I called for an emergency appointment after chipping my front tooth last night. The customer service at this dental office was exceptional! They were able to fit me in within an hour and their online patient demographic/insurance form made the appointment process incredibly smooth. The high-tech equipment and friendly staff further enhanced my experience. I highly recommend this dental office for their efficient and welcoming service.

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I went in the other day for a filling and I was very nervous going in because of past experience with another dentist but Dr. Sabri and the dental hygienist with him made me feel at ease. I was also very nervous about the numbing needle, but when Dr. Sabri did it, I didn't feel a thing, not even a pinch. They did an amazing job and I had a great experience.

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Very friendly staff, everyone including front desk receptionist, dental hygienist, and the doctor is very knowledgeable... The front desk staff explained to me about my insurance, and directly billed to my insurance company, so I did not have to make my own claims. The cleaning experience was great, the dental hygienist cleaned my teeth very nicely with no pain whatsoever! I had an extraction and filling performed by Dr. Sabri, he explained to me everything before starting the procedure, and performed all procedures without causing me any pain.

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