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Orthodontics serves as a significant turning point for numerous young adults, enhancing their self-confidence and perfecting their smiles.
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Orthodontic Options from Adolescence to Adulthood

By the time most children reach the age of 13, they have usually lost all their baby teeth. Even before the last few baby teeth have fallen out, it’s often apparent if overcrowding or misalignment of permanent teeth is likely to occur. This period presents an ideal opportunity to initiate orthodontic care, as their permanent adult smile is still taking shape.

While we take great pleasure in enhancing the natural aesthetics of a smile, the importance of orthodontic treatment extends far beyond appearance. Poorly aligned teeth or a misaligned bite can make proper cleaning challenging, result in discomfort, and potentially lead to aches and pains. Orthodontic intervention can address these concerns, sometimes in as little as six months.

    Your teenager may be a good candidate for orthodontic care if they exhibit any of the following issues:
  • Overbite: The upper teeth extend too far forward over the lower teeth.
  • Excessive Gaps: Noticeable spaces or gaps between teeth.
  • Underbite: The lower teeth protrude too far forward in relation to the upper teeth.
  • Crowding: Teeth overlap or are so close together that flossing becomes challenging.
  • Crossbite: A misaligned bite that doesn’t fit together comfortably.
  • Pain: Persistent headaches, jaw discomfort, or pain in the upper back and neck.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Various treatment alternatives exist to suit an individual’s specific requirements and financial constraints. Here are some potential options you might consider:

Traditional Braces

The term “braces” often conjures up images of large, obtrusive metal brackets and wires. However, contemporary dental brackets have evolved to be smaller, less conspicuous, and equally effective compared to their older, bulkier counterparts. These modern braces are not only easier to maintain but also offer enhanced comfort.

Clear Brackets

For those in search of braces, we provide clear brackets, which are particularly favoured by our young adult clientele. These brackets seamlessly blend traditional orthodontic functionality with a discreet appearance. Upon casual observation, most people won’t even realize you’re wearing braces.

Clear Aligners

Transparent aligners like Invisalign have quickly become popular choices for orthodontic treatment. These custom-crafted trays subtly move your teeth to their optimal alignment over time. Designed for a snug and precise fit, they can also be temporarily taken out for meals, regular dental hygiene routines, and special events such as school dances or presentations.

The Cost Of Orthodontic Treatment In Burlington

Under a standard insurance policy, out-of-pocket expenses for orthodontic care generally range from $3,000 to over $5,000. After conducting an oral examination, we can offer a precise cost estimate, allowing you to understand the extent of your insurance coverage and your anticipated out-of-pocket expenditure. Without insurance, the average cost for orthodontic treatment usually falls between $4,000 and upwards of $6,000.

What factors into the determination of your orthodontic treatment’s cost, and why does it appear to be so pricey?

    When evaluating the expense of orthodontic care, several factors should be taken into account:
  • The present state of the patient’s oral health, encompassing both teeth and gums.
  • The extent to which the teeth need to be repositioned.
  • The specific type of orthodontic solution selected.
  • The duration of the treatment period.

Since each smile is unique, the most effective way to determine the best treatment option and its associated out-of-pocket cost is through an in-person consultation. Following an assessment, we can create a tailored treatment plan that provides an accurate estimate of both the timeline and the cost involved.

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Your teen’s consultation will encompass a comprehensive evaluation, covering aspects such as teeth, gums, and soft tissues, as well as the alignment and health of their bite. We aim to gain a holistic understanding of how their mouth looks and operates. Before crafting a tailored treatment plan, we’re keen to understand both the health and aesthetics of their smile, and most importantly, what they aspire to achieve. Let us help your teen reach their smile goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Braces are generally pain-free upon initial application. However, as they start to move your teeth, you may experience some discomfort, which most patients describe as more of an annoyance than actual pain. If you do encounter any discomfort or pain, please inform us. We have options available to ensure your treatment journey is as comfortable as possible.

Call us at your earliest convenience! You shouldn’t wait until your next appointment.

For minor adjustments, orthodontic treatment could be completed in as little as six months. However, most patients will typically need to wear braces for a period ranging from six months to two years. A more precise timeline can be provided following an oral examination.

The best time for orthodontic intervention is often during your youth, before the majority of adult teeth have fully emerged. If you’re a parent, we suggest scheduling a consultation for your teenager. However, rest assured that there are also orthodontic solutions tailored for adults. It’s never too late to get started.

Steer clear of foods that could harm your braces, such as candy apples, caramel, and corn on the cob, as well as those that are challenging to remove from braces, like caramel, gum, and popcorn. It’s also advisable to limit sugary or acidic foods, which may be harder to clean off your teeth than usual. Be aware that clear braces are susceptible to staining from certain foods, including beets, curry, and macaroni and cheese.

Specialized tools like floss threaders and super floss are designed to make flossing around your braces or permanent retainers easier. We’d be delighted to demonstrate the proper flossing techniques for your braces during your upcoming appointment.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Amy Van Zandt

Couldn’t be happier with the level of care and expertise received here! When you first walk in you’re greeted by Dawn or Basma, both are so friendly and knowledgeable. Lisa and Dr. Sabri work so well together, and are both so kind and put you at ease. Dr. Sabri is hands down the most knowledgeable dentist I’ve been to, I trust his advice and expertise 100%. The office itself is sparkling clean, and all Covid procedures are being followed above and beyond ... I cannot say enough good things about Sr Sabri and his amazing team!

Viraj Bhatt

Very friendly staff, everyone including front desk receptionist, dental hygienist, and the doctor is very knowledgeable... The front desk staff explained to me about my insurance, and directly billed to my insurance company, so I did not have to make my own claims. The cleaning experience was great, the dental hygienist cleaned my teeth very nicely with no pain whatsoever! I had an extraction and filling performed by Dr. Sabri, he explained to me everything before starting the procedure, and performed all procedures without causing me any pain.

Danielle Retz

I had such a pleasant experience at this office. I was on the hunt for a new dentist when one of my wisdom teeth started to give me some discomfort. I gave this office a shot because it had such great reviews. Dr. Sabri and his staff were amazing from start to finish. The whole procedure was quick! I felt zero discomfort through the whole process and left very happy. I have found my new dentist and will highly recommend it to family and friends.

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