Band & Bracket Braces in Burlington, ON

In your quest for the right teeth straightening treatment for your needs, you are likely to come across band & bracket braces. Here at Skyway Dental Care in Burlington, ON, we want to help you better understand braces, so you’ll know what to expect from each type.

Our dentists have helped countless patients just like you achieve straighter, healthier teeth. Crooked or misaligned teeth can affect your life in many negative ways. Whether it’s a lack of confidence or difficulty eating certain foods, we understand your need for straight teeth.

If you would like to meet with our dentists to discuss your treatment options, we encourage you to call Skyway Dental Care today. We look forward to helping improve your smile with our teeth straightening treatment.

What Are Band & Bracket Braces?

These orthodontic appliances are designed to hold your back teeth in place with stainless steel bands. This configuration provides strength and durability that ensures a solid connection point for patients who require major corrections.

Candidates who may need band & bracket braces include:

  • Adults with teeth that are difficult to use
  • Patients who need their bite re-aligned
  • Patients who have larger fillings
  • Children with developing teeth
  • Athletes

Thanks to band & bracket braces, patients can look forward to faster progress and more effective straightening results. What’s more, these braces can be used in conjunction with clear ceramic brackets to better support the back teeth.

Getting Fitted

Our dentists will make a custom mold and place spacers in your mouth to create a gap throughout two appointments. This ensures that the bands can be fitted comfortably and securely during your second visit.

Throughout your treatment, the bands help to gradually straighten your teeth for an attractive, healthy smile. While band & bracket braces are a secure and reliable option, it’s important to maintain proper brushing and flossing. This will help keep bacteria and debris to a minimum so that tooth decay doesn’t interfere with your straightening process.

If you are ready to explore your options for a healthier smile, we invite you to contact Skyway Dental Care in Burlington, ON today.

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