Dental Sealants in Burlington, ON

Dental sealants are a preventive measure designed to protect your back teeth (molars) from tooth decay. Though sealants are generally provided by our dentist in Burlington, ON to children and teenagers, adults can also benefit from this preventive procedure. Tooth decay is never outgrown.

Sealants are placed on teeth that do not have any cavities in the pits or grooves. Our dentist near you applies a protective coating to the back teeth as a means of keeping cavities from forming. This is especially important for children and their oral health. Skyway Dental Care offers sealants in Burlington, ON to new and existing patients.

Protection and Prevention

Sealants protect teeth from material that causes decay, such as bacteria, acid, plaque, and tartar buildup. This protection can save time and money in reducing the risk of cavities and future dental treatments such as fillings. Sealants do not replace the benefits of regular and thorough brushing at home but are meant as an added measure of protection and prevention.

Sealants can be applied over tooth surface areas that may show signs of early decay but have not formed any cavities. This prevents further damage to the affected tooth. Overall, sealants near you are an excellent means of preventing tooth decay, maintaining oral health, and avoiding serious dental problems in the future.

How Sealants Work

Our back teeth consistently collect food particles in their crevices, and they can be difficult to thoroughly clean with brushing alone. This remaining food breaks down into acid, which causes the surface of these back teeth to decay and form cavities.

Cavities result in permanent damage to teeth, and they get worse over time. By covering molars with sealants, our dentist near you can help reduce the risk of cavities from forming. This is especially beneficial for children as their back teeth push through the gums, and as they learn to take proper care of their teeth.

During a routine appointment, our dentist in Burlington, ON will apply the sealant coating to the grooves of your molars and use a special instrument to ensure it hardens and adheres to the tooth. Over time, sealants can be reapplied if necessary. Contact Skyway Dental Care for information about getting sealants near you.

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