Fluoride Treatment in Burlington, ON

At Skyway Dental Care in Burlington, ON, we often advise our patients on the importance of minerals like fluoride and calcium for teeth. It’s no wonder that commercial kinds of toothpaste are almost always supplemented with fluoride.

Fluoride treatments in Burlington, ON are popular. Many of our patients ask us whether or not it would be possible for them or their children to get fluoride treatments. These procedures are prophylactic. They’re not used to treat existing dental problems. The primary goal of fluoride treatments is to keep teeth in good shape.

Who Gets Fluoride Treatments?

The simple answer is that anyone can get a fluoride treatment. At Skyway Dental Care, we usually perform these treatments for children. Children are less likely to pay attention to their dental health. They also like to eat plenty of sweets. Fluoride treatments are effective at stopping decay and strengthening teeth.

Adults can get fluoride treatments, but the procedure isn’t as popular among older people. You’ll also need to check your insurance policy. Many policies only cover these treatments for children, while you might have to pay for one out of pocket as an adult.

How Are They Done?

Fluoride treatments are very simple. The most difficult part is calculating the dose of fluoride to be used. It is estimated based on the patient’s age and weight. Using excessive amounts of fluoride can damage teeth. This is why we don’t recommend performing these treatments at home without supervision.

We’ll then place the fluoride over your child’s teeth. This is usually done through tiny cups that are placed over his or her teeth. They’re left in place for a while then removed. You can go home and resume your day without limitations. Our advice, however, would be to wait about 30-60 minutes before eating or drinking. This can give the teeth more time to absorb the fluoride and benefit from it.

At Skyway Dental Care, we perform several fluoride treatments each week. If you’re looking for a dentist near you to take care of your family’s dental health, we’re available.

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