Gum Grafting in Burlington, ON

Receding gums is a serious dental issue. If left untreated, you risk dealing with tooth loss. Your smile is a very important part of your identity. You should be able to preserve it so it can last as long as you live. If you are dealing with receding gums and need a solution, Skyway Dental Care in Burlington, ON will be able to help. Our practice offers a gum grafting service for our patients. We make sure that with this procedure, the gum will build up where it has initially receded.

What Is A Gum Graft?

A gum graft is usually performed by a periodontist. There are several different gum grafts that are available, but they depend on the severity of the gum recession and the patient’s individual needs. You will discuss surgical options with the periodontist to ensure that you choose the best option based on your needs. The procedure will not be a painful process since you will be injected with a local anesthetic. They may also lift some of the currently existing gum in order to expose the roots of the tooth and clean it.

Different Types Of Gum Grafts

There are three different types of gum grafts that are available. Depending on your condition, your periodontist will give you options on which one will be best for you. The procedures are as follows:

  • Connective Tissue Graft: In this procedure, your periodontist will remove the tissues from the roof of your mouth. This will create a flap. Then, your tissue from underneath the top layer will be removed. Then the tissue will be stitched onto the existing gum and cover the exposed tooth root. Your periodontist will then stitch the flap on the roof of your mouth where the tissue was extracted.
  • Free Gingival Grafts: Your periodontist will do the following in this procedure: first, tissue from the top layer of tissue on the roof of your mouth is removed. Next, that tissue will be stitched to the existing gum area. This procedure is fitting for people with thin gums that require extra tissue to make their gums larger.
  • Pedicle Grafts: This method is for those who have lots of gum tissue growing near the exposed tooth. Your periodontist will graft tissue from the gum around or near the tooth that requires treatment. To ensure that one edge is attached, only a partial amount of this tissue will be cut. Next, your periodontist will stretch the tissue over or down to cover the exposed tooth. Lastly, the tissue will be stitched to hold it in place.

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