When to Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal?

When to Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal?

March 1, 2021

Wisdom teeth are back teeth usually lower and upper third molars. They are called such because they erupt when an individual between 17 to 21 years. It is an age sufficient enough to get wisdom. As you get older it may get a long-time to heal after you have your wisdom tooth extraction.

That is why it is essential to have your wisdom teeth removed before it could cause any issues later on. Many dental experts and oral surgeons believe that a person must have impacted wisdom tooth removal before they turn twenty.

As per American Dental Association, pulling of wisdom teeth becomes compulsory if the person feels pain, get a repeated infection or crowd other teeth. The best way to find out whether you need wisdom teeth removal or not is to see a dentist an orthodontist regularly at Skyway Dental Care to protect your oral health. Both will work together to help you get the gorgeous and healthy smile you dream of.

What Happens When You Fail to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Below are the issues that may happen if you fail to have wisdom teeth removal:


If you have wisdom teeth but have small jaws and mouth, this will not make enough space for the third molars to grow in the right way. If they erupt this could cause overcrowding.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth can be stuck below the patient’s gumline. This situation is troublesome and painful. It can result in ruining of healthy teeth and may also develop the risk of severe or dental abscess. Moreover, if you failed to monitor them, they can move to the backside and disturb the opening and closing of jaws.

Increases Chances of Decay

Even your wisdom teeth grow right, where that erupt can make it tough to care for them. This means if you keep your wisdom teeth, this increases the risk of developing risk of gum disorder and cavities. It’s challenging to do flossing and brushing in that section of your mouth properly.

This makes a breeding ground for more bacteria and affects the health of an individual later on. We recommend visiting an experienced dentist in Burlington, ON one or two times a year to resolve these problems at an early stage.

Cause an Infection

The wisdom teeth can also damage the gums. When you eat food, it gets stuck under the flap of your gum tissue trigger an infection.

Damage Other Teeth 

Impacted wisdom teeth can also damage your nearby teeth, jaw, and bones. A cyst may develop around your teeth and pose long-lasting damage.

Create Trouble When Getting Orthodontic Treatment

When the wisdom teeth of a patient are impacted horizontally, they shift against the nearby teeth. This may also trigger issues in getting orthodontic treatments later on.

The experienced orthodontist may advise wisdom teeth fully before placing braces. It is because they can hider or prolong the progress. Even wearing a night retainer could push against the surrounding teeth and cause root cracking and fractures. By eliminating wisdom teeth, the dental expert can do their work properly, and also the effects of braces will be more delighting.

Is Removing Wisdom Teeth Painful?

Wisdom teeth pulling is an outpatient procedure. So, you will not feel pain because the dental experts numb the affected site with local or general anesthesia. This is done to make you comfortable and relax during the surgical process. However, the effect fades away after some time.

Do Not Wait for Long to Maintain Your Oral Health

Wisdom teeth pulling cost will depend upon your location, treatment complexity, and skills of the orthodontist. An oral surgeon handles the surgery of impacted wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom teeth pain and swelling are for a short time.

When you schedule a treatment for wisdom teeth removal in Burlington, ON, the dental professional will consider your dental history and use X-rays to identify the severity and direction of wisdom teeth growth.

After that, the dental expert will conduct the surgery according to his or her analysis if he or she finds any problem with your wisdom teeth. The orthodontist will generally advise early removal to avoid serious oral problems later on.

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